Tuesday 23 October 2018

What Makes Solid Wood Doors an Overwhelming Choice for Your Home?

In the modern world where everything is available according to your taste and style, it is easy to adorn your home according to your preferences. A wood door adds a timeless statement to your abode’s entryway. Solid wood doors exhibit the warmth with historic charm. Besides its look, wooden doors are known for offering a host of benefits to the homeowners. Let’s learn more about it.

Assorted Wood Species

Wood doors are available in a variety of species, shapes and styles to suit the distinct needs of users. Among these, wooden carved doors are the most popular ones. When it comes to solid woods, these include alder, oak, maple, paint grade, walnut and mahogany. Among these, paint grade wood is considered as a flat-surfaced wood, mainly poplar or plywood. While paint grade wood is known for offering the flawless door finish, mahogany may cost little high but offer great resistance to weather as well as sunlight which makes it durable.

Solid Wood Doors-A Preferred Choice!

Using natural wood is sure to add warmth to the entryway of any home. You are free to choose from pre-hung doors which are easy to install, finished or unfinished wood doors. Nowadays, wooden carved doors are in huge demand due to the appealing look they offer. Wood doors cost you little more than fibreglass and steel and need regular maintenance. Since steel and fibreglass doors lack the warmth and natural beauty, solid wood doors are still the first choice for many homeowners looking for a luxury look to their homes.
If you are residing in Delhi or NCR, you can find a huge variety of wooden doors in Gurgaon. The hundreds of choices definitely appeal you and you can pick the best one to suit your home d├ęcor. However, if you want to customize it, it is recommended to have an experienced painter before deciding on a pre-finished door. Solid wood doors generally encompass stiles, rails, vertical pieces and horizontal ones can be carved out of a single piece of wood. Besides the natural warmth they offer, these doors are known for offering security, safety and durability. 

Adorn Your Home the Way You Want!

There is no doubt about it that natural wood doors brings richness to your abode and goes well with overall architecture. Exploring the variety of wooden doors in Gurgaon will offer you great choices. You can go for the pattern, style and shape that complement the architecture of your home. No matter whether you decide on a customized door or pick the readymade one, the wood carvings look great in any home.

When you are deciding on what type of doors to install, consider the factors like price, quality and of course, durability. Refrain from choosing a temporary installation and save money because it won’t last long. Opt for the premium quality of solid wood doors that last a long time and safeguard your home for years. After all, it is the place where you are going to spend a considerable amount of time of your life so it should be according to your taste and style. 

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