Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Breaking the Most Common Myths about Wooden Flooring!

Wooden flooring can be seen as a new product looking at the fact that it has undergone numerous improvements in the recent years. Now people are getting aware of the advantages of wooden flooring. However, there are few common myths associated with wooden flooring till now. Let’s take look at the most prevalent myths and figure out the truth.

Maintaining Wooden Flooring is Difficult!

Whenever you wish to install something new at your abode, the first question arises, is it difficult to maintain! If the answer is opposite then you may move ahead with the next step of consideration. Nowadays, quality wooden flooring in Delhi boasts of a top coating, which is made to be refinished. As a result, it is easy to maintain and look nice. If you combine it with ideas like strategic use of area rugs and right positioning, it ensures to add appeal to your place. However, it is always advisable to use this wooden flooring with floor protectors with furniture. It will help in safeguarding it from moisture.
Wooden flooring Delhi

Quality Woods Are Most Expensive!

Quality does not come at cheap price. Like anything quality, wooden flooring too may end up being costly. If we say that wood floors are the most expensive among different types of floor, it will not be true. Since the product is obtained from natural source than other kinds of flooring, the area you live in will have an impact on price. Moreover, there are aesthetic considerations which cannot be seen with other types of flooring. If wooden floors seem to you pricey, make sure to compare it with the right product. Quality wooden flooring in Delhi comes at best price keeping in mind its advantages.

 Wooden Flooring Harms the Environment!

It is one of the most prevalent myths about wooden floors. We know that wood is sourced from trees which have been ironically disappearing at an alarming rate. The facts reveal that there was actually less hardwood timber around fifty years ago. Owing to the careful management of forests, the wooden flooring is now available from its natural resource that is simply regrown trees, specifically for this purpose. So if you live in NCR then you can find the best wooden flooring in Faridabad.

Is Wooden Floor Causing Allergy?

Actually it doesn’t. You may be used to being attacked by dust when you enter your home equipped with wooden floors if you have adorned it with carpet. However, if you take care of the home, wooden flooring is a healthier option than any carpet. It is because of the fact that just about something which causes allergy issue, can float which may further contaminate carpet. Dust, toxins, dust mites and mold which collect on our clothes daily will also inhabit carpeted floors. All you need to do is just clean a wooden floor with good sweeping; wooden flooring is now impervious to all contamination, like any other kind of flooring.
So, go on to renovate your home with stylish wooden flooring without hesitation and live in your dream abode.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to Find the Right Wooden Doors for Your Home?

A wooden door can add appeal to your home. No matter whether you choose a classic or vintage style, it remains one of the oldest structures in the human history. You can find its significance in history where alder, cherry, timber, oak or mahogany was used for the protection of forts. Now customization on doors is available. You can customize a wood depending on your budget and the functional requirements. Wood doors add more charm to the overall look of your home. It is a practical choice to opt for wooden doors.
You should stay updated about various options to make it a good choice for you.

Hollow Core Doors

These doors feature a frame which is covered with a layer of wood or veneer on its both sides. Solid timber strips with its edges are also available in the market. The supports in between the face veneers provide the rigidity. Face veneers can also be availed in varnished or painted plywood. Different in-fills make it durable to the hollow core doors. A cardboard honeycomb is the most widely used type of such doors and easily available with wooden door suppliers. You can position a solid timber area at a specific height on one door side. You can use it to put the lock and handle. Hollow core doors come as an affordable option in comparison to the most solid wood doors. They are lighter and easier to install. The only disadvantage is that they cannot absorb sound effectively.
hollow doors

Flush Doors

Flush doors have the thin sheets of hardwood veneer which is placed on the top of the core of particle board, wood or fiberboard. The veneer helps in protecting the door from stabilizing and warping. You can always enhance the face veneers using decorative panels. Two kinds of cores are used in flush doors. It includes stile and rail core and wood-stave block core. A wood-stave core has vertical wood strips of low-density. A stile and rail core includes wood blocks that are glued inside the rails and stiles. It comes with more reliability as compared to wood stave.
Flush Doors manufactures

Panel Doors

Panel doors are more popular nowadays. They feature a series of solid wood panels that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These panels are arranged next to each other. Panel doors have grooved frames coupled with thinner panels of pine, oak or beech. The moldings can be installed to ensure the panels remain in its place. The size and number of panels will depend on your requirements including the door and size you need. Four panels are the most common kinds of panel wooden doors these days.

Wooden panel doors

Lited Doors

Due to inset glass panels, the lited doors are in demand. There are doors with interior or exterior openings. For instance, the office doors or patio doors serve as the perfect example of the lited doors. Often wooden door manufacturers call doors lited doors because of the number of glass panels they have. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Panel Doors for Your Abode?

Doors are indeed the main point of entrance and exit of your home. Made from solid wood, doors serve as the perfect choice for homes. An appealing solid wood door impresses visitors with its elegance. When it comes to types of doors, they are available in a wide variety. Even now they are available in a plethora of colors that you can match with existing décor. Doors are known for introducing natural warmth and add style to your home if used in traditional ways.

Why to Pick Wooden Doors?

Wooden doors seem an ideal choice for protecting your home. If you feel like, you may replace exterior metal doors with wood doors for revamping your entire home. Wooden doors seem appealing and look great while viewing from outside. Solid wood doors can also serve as the single acting doors that are hinged on one side and open in one direction only.
wood panel doors

Options to Look For!

You can always choose the types of doors that suit your taste. Most of the available doors can also be customized. For instance, if you require a panel door, consisting of wood panels, rail panels or stiles, go for a solid wood panel door or plywood panel door. If you don’t find the doors you want, always take counsel of the trusted door manufacturers for your needs. Besides panel doors, solid wood frames, stable doors, trap doors can also be availed on customization.
Your selection of solid wood door depends on your personal style, the residential area, the structure and existing décor of your home. Always buy the solid wooden doors from a reputed manufacturer so as to ensure the quality.
wood panel doors

Points to Consider Before You Buy!

  • Once you have installed your doors, you should ensure that these doors remind guarded against damage. It can be due to extreme weather conditions, excess humidity, high temperatures or heavy rain. Wooden doors can also get damaged through warping or crack or by termite attacks.
  • Another important thing to ensure is that it should complement the look of your home. Once the visitors come to your abode, they sense your style statement.
  • Ensure to maintain and take care of your doors. It will enable them to last for longer time. However, the sophisticated construction methods make these wooden panel doors less susceptible to damage from the outside elements and maintain their visual charm.
  • It is important to have your solid wood door primed first and then get it painted or stained to better guard it against weather. It helps you avoid incurring high maintenance charges later on.
  • Now it is possible to get the personalized look of your solid wood door by adding a window, transom, sidelights or glass insets. Doors with a solid core tend to be more expensive than the hollow core wood doors.
If you are unable to afford these solid wood doors in every room, you can simply start out by fitting them in the areas like bedroom and bathroom. It will be an affordable makeover for your home.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to Boost Productivity in the Workplace Environment

Whenever you are sitting in an office and are working on a challenging project, the environment and surroundings also affect the mood. The creativity comes out in a good workplace environment and enhances the productivity.

Spruce up your office with these strategies to enhance your productivity and overall well-being.


Add colors that promote productivity and positivity:

Various studies have been conducted to study the human behavior under different circumstances for example, in a room with torn out furniture and dull colors, and in a room with modern office furniture and good colors. The researchers concluded that people working in modern office furniture and surrounded by good colors were happy, healthy, and more productive.

Therefore, every organization should focus on implementing modern furniture that motivates the employees and retains them for as long as possible. Also, if you often feel anxious in the office premises, then color the office walls in a nice color, for example, blue or green for maximum comfort and productivity.

Open up your space with simple design hacks:

The office infrastructure, if crowded, can make the employees feel anxious and stressful. It will directly affect the performance and the overall outcome. Here are some easy tips for making your small work-space feel much more open:
  • In order to make the office less crowded, use bright colors, high ceilings, and have mirrors on the walls.
  • Including plants and decorative pieces like pillars and other types of furniture also distracts the employee from feeling crowded.
  • By installing windows and mirrors and decorating thoughtfully, you can turn a tiny room into a spacious sanctuary.

Go nature:


It has been proved via so many researches that if you give employees access to nature, then it lower the stress and anger behavior and improves the cognitive functioning and mood. In some cases, it has also shown a very speedy recovery from surgeries.
As it is not possible to allow the employees to walk outside the office in a park and then restore the cognitive functions. Then people should think of planting small plants and trees inside the infrastructure. It is also very useful in increasing attention and reducing fatigue.
Another way of reducing stress in office is to renovate the interior using furniture made of cork, bamboo, or and enhance the accents using flowers and beeswax candles. 

Implement an ergonomics program:

Have you ever thought how many employees get up from the chair and do stretching and other. Imagine how it would affect the employee’s health if they keep sitting all the day in the same posture. It has also been proven by studies that sitting all day in an office contributes to musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and upper extremities, and ergonomic workstations actually help alleviate the resulting musculoskeletal pain.

Therefore, modern office furniture should include adjustable furniture that can take the form of a standing desk to change the posture.

Sustain a well-regulated environment:


The two of the most overlooked elements in of a workplace environment are the air quality and the temperature. If the room is having a temperature higher than normal, then it causes more fatigue as compared to the rooms with normal temperature. Also, more mental and physical efforts are needed to complete a task in a hotter room in comparison to a cooler room. Therefore, to boost your performance and keep your energy up, adjust the thermostat in your room and keep your space comfortable and cool.
When it comes to the quality of air, the even-odd formula don’t work inside the premises as well as outside the premises. It leads to building sick building syndrome (SBS) in the employees who regularly work under an environment that is humid, and where there is no proper ventilation. It has been researched that the employees of such an enterprise are more likely to suffer from flu-like symptoms, stamina issues, pregnancy problems, and even cancer. Therefore, use an air filtration system in your office and install proper air conditioning devices.

Now it must be clear to all that why is it important to have a healthy workplace environment and modern office furniture?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wooden Door Styles and their Significance

Since times immemorial, Wooden carved Doors have prominently adorned the façade of the palatial buildings and edifices. These doors have been an indispensible part of the luxurious dwellings. However, Wooden carved doors have come a long way over the years. Unlike earlier, these doors are pretty much within the reach of common people now. Also, there are literally limitless options available to accord requisite luxury quotient to these doors. Although, certain people find wooden doors archaic and insipid in terms of their personal taste, these simple wooden door can transform the look of a traditional country home to a modern shop entrance in a metropolitan city. Wooden doors offer a warm and inviting look that's ideal for guests to feel the hospitality.

There are multitudes of designs available for wooden exterior doors and all of them can perfectly create a feel that matches any decor style. Nevertheless, two wooden door options that have the potential to immediately change the look and feel of an entrance are:

French Doors

Certainly most of us prefer having single doors for our entrances, especially when it comes to wooden exterior doors. However there are many who might want to experiment with new looks by opting for French doors instead. French doors possess lovely symmetrical looks and impart an opulent look to a home's entrance.
French doors can be as simple or embellished as desired. Irrespective of whether it is a simple set of wooden French doors or a one with large windows that allow ample sunlight into a home, this door type can be customized to best suit the home.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great alternative to standard single hinged wooden exterior doors. Depending on the style and decorative touches imparted to them, they can have feel to them be it contemporary, traditional or ethnic. Certain homes have exterior sliding doors that lead out to gardens. However, they are also a great choice for areas that may have minimal space for a door to swing open. This bestows more space to people to stand in.
To avail the best quality door, it's extremely important to rope in a. By choosing an experienced artisan, you will be able to gain from their artistic abilities, their experience working with different types of wood and the flexibility of custom designing it right down to the last desired detail. You can choose to contact a high quality artisan or a company that dispenses custom make wooden doors. However, opting for an artisan can create a hole in your pocket. It is always advisable to take decision according to your budget. Wooden Door manufacturers offer quality doors at an affordable price.

Certain Benefits of Wooden Panel Doors:

  • Secure and Safe - It's always good to have a wooden panel door that comes equipped with a high quality locking mechanism. 
  • Easy to Maintain - Compared to other door types, these doors require average maintenance.
  • Waterproof -Proof – Modern Wooden panel doors are crafted to withstand even the heaviest of downpours, with ceaseless water resistance & air permeability; these doors fit the bill perfectly.
  • Discoloration – Contemporary paint applied on these doors seldom fades or discolors with time. This implies that original color stays intact for extended periods.
  • Solid Framed – These doors have solid frames that make them sturdy and robust.
  • Available in a variety of Styles – Like our different choices and taste, styles for doors are also varied. Be it glass, choice of door furniture or design, there is a Door to suit you.
  • Durability – Wooden panel doors can last decades with appropriate maintenance.

Wooden doors are one of those items that can create a major impact. Keeping in mind that it is the first thing that people notice upon seeing a house, it's worth the effort to have it looking its best. Take your time to consider which designs will work best and pore over the options that are available to ensure satisfaction in the end.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Why Go for Modern Bedroom Furniture - Comfort with Style

The design of the furniture, whether it is your bedroom or office, dictates the feelings of the space in which you live. It indirectly represents your personality. A person spends one-third of his life in his/her bedroom and office, then it makes sense to have an amazing bedroom/office with amazing and modern bedroom furniture.

Read on if you are also looking for a modern bedroom furniture idea.
At first;

The Benefits of a Modern Furniture Design:
The main benefit of having modern bedroom furniture is a clean look and uncluttered bedroom. And as the design is what you want, people will stop and stare in awe (isn’t it what you want). Here are some of the basic principles of a modern furniture design (be it of office or bedroom):
  • Smooth Curves
  • Geometric shapes
  • Texture
If you consider all these elements and principles in your furniture design, then you will end up having a bedroom design that's on the cutting edge.
Let’s get started with a modern bedroom furniture (make sure with a solid wood frame).

Evaluate your needs:
At first, make sure what are the functions you need to have in the bedroom. Just ask these questions to yourself:
  • What do you need this space to accomplish?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • Are there some elements you absolutely must have?
Doing so will help in making the design more functional and will make the things look even more wonderful.

Size and Color:
The variety of furniture chosen sets the tone for the whole room (as well as the office if we are talking about office furniture). In order to maintain the flow of the bedroom design, make sure that the furniture is of a perfect size and color. If you choose a large piece, then it can sometimes make you feel congested. Therefore, chose the perfect design and size that can maximize the space inspires power.
If we talk about colors, then they also have a very strong impact on you and your mood. For example, Red color always cheers you up, whereas, lavender gives a feeling of sleep and calmness. Warm colors always give a monochromatic look and become soothing whereas, cooler colors are known for inspiring action. Therefore, choose the color that soothes your mind. Keep in mind that lavender color may be good for your bedroom, but you don’t want to feel sleepy in your office, so, for office, choose red instead.  

Putting it all together:
It all depends upon you what color, size, and design you want for your bedroom or office. Just keep the above-discussed points in mind and you will end up having amazing bedroom furniture. It is always recommended to take the measurements of your bedroom before going to a bedroom furniture manufacturer or an modern office furniture manufacturer. It helps in choosing the perfect furniture pieces. You can also draw a layout of your bedroom, to help yourself. Soon enough, you will have a room that inspires envy.
Do you have any other modern furniture ideas in your mind?
Share with us in the comments!

Monday, 25 August 2014

7 Popular Trends in Modular Office Furniture

It increases efficiency, adds style and character, and utilizes space in the best possible manner. There’s no doubt that modular office furniture is here to stay. But like everything else, it does undergo shifts in styles, trends, designs and patterns. Here are a few of the most popular modular office furniture trends these days:

1. Cubicles out, open plans in: Where modular furniture scores most over traditional furniture, is in its ability to make efficient usage of space. This bodes rather well for office spaces, where real estate in any case comes at a premium. Instead of opting for small, boxed-in cubicles, a lot of offices embrace the idea of open office plans. They not only enable great space utilization, but also facilitate an office culture that is more conducive to communication and teamwork.

2. Glass, chrome & metallic designs: Modern office furniture design leans towards the use of a lot of glass and metallic finishes for adding elegance and style to the interiors. Clean lines, minimalistic features and plenty of productivity-enhancing elements define modular office furniture these days.

3. Clever storage spaces: Gone are the days of heavy, 8-ft high, wood-paneled filing cabinets. Modern offices are increasingly taking the smart approach of combining smart functionality with innovative designs. As a result, spacious storage areas are created under workstations, mounted to low beams, and often bundled for teams with individual areas inside.

4. All-in-one workstations: Workplaces have to be equipped with high-tech equipment, audio and video conferencing needs, etc. To facilitate better productivity without continuously moving from one place to another, the concept of all-in-one workstations is fast gaining popularity. These clever designs allow maximum functionality and are customized to office spaces. Many of these are portable, foldable, and capable of accommodating any digital needs. Furthermore, they are adjustable to suit individual physical needs as well.

5. Experimentation with color: Modern workplaces, more often than not, encourage individuality. So a lot of office furniture is now available in delightful color palettes. Reflecting the spirit of the company, the ethos, the culture, modular office furniture is no longer meant to serve the singular purpose of seating and working. It is a stamp of the company itself. White glass desktops set off by a contrasting dark shade of wood or lovely lime green, pale yellow shades are a fairly popular sight these days.

6. Flexible, compact, lightweight: Modular office furniture makes great use of material. Executive desks, workstations, conference and reception table and chairs, storage spaces and worktops are all designed to lend a far greater degree of flexibility in performing routine office tasks. This furniture is also lightweight and compact, yet strong and durable.

7. Ergonomic features: “Ergonomic design”, contrary to what some might believe, is not a passing fad. With the number of hours we spend at work each day, the comfort aspects delivered by office furniture assume paramount importance. Reputed manufacturers and labels of modular office furniture consider ergonomics as a key characteristic in their designs. Adjustable heights of chairs, posture-enhancing contours and optimum workstation sizes-everything helps and contributes.