Tuesday 26 September 2017

How to Find the Right Wooden Doors for Your Home?

A wooden door can add appeal to your home. No matter whether you choose a classic or vintage style, it remains one of the oldest structures in the human history. You can find its significance in history where alder, cherry, timber, oak or mahogany was used for the protection of forts. Now customization on doors is available. You can customize a wood depending on your budget and the functional requirements. Wood doors add more charm to the overall look of your home. It is a practical choice to opt for wooden doors.
You should stay updated about various options to make it a good choice for you.

Hollow Core Doors

These doors feature a frame which is covered with a layer of wood or veneer on its both sides. Solid timber strips with its edges are also available in the market. The supports in between the face veneers provide the rigidity. Face veneers can also be availed in varnished or painted plywood. Different in-fills make it durable to the hollow core doors. A cardboard honeycomb is the most widely used type of such doors and easily available with wooden door suppliers. You can position a solid timber area at a specific height on one door side. You can use it to put the lock and handle. Hollow core doors come as an affordable option in comparison to the most solid wood doors. They are lighter and easier to install. The only disadvantage is that they cannot absorb sound effectively.
hollow doors

Flush Doors

Flush doors have the thin sheets of hardwood veneer which is placed on the top of the core of particle board, wood or fiberboard. The veneer helps in protecting the door from stabilizing and warping. You can always enhance the face veneers using decorative panels. Two kinds of cores are used in flush doors. It includes stile and rail core and wood-stave block core. A wood-stave core has vertical wood strips of low-density. A stile and rail core includes wood blocks that are glued inside the rails and stiles. It comes with more reliability as compared to wood stave.
Flush Doors manufactures

Panel Doors

Panel doors are more popular nowadays. They feature a series of solid wood panels that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These panels are arranged next to each other. Panel doors have grooved frames coupled with thinner panels of pine, oak or beech. The moldings can be installed to ensure the panels remain in its place. The size and number of panels will depend on your requirements including the door and size you need. Four panels are the most common kinds of panel wooden doors these days.

Wooden panel doors

Lited Doors

Due to inset glass panels, the lited doors are in demand. There are doors with interior or exterior openings. For instance, the office doors or patio doors serve as the perfect example of the lited doors. Often wooden door manufacturers call doors lited doors because of the number of glass panels they have. 

Saturday 2 September 2017

How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Panel Doors for Your Abode?

Doors are indeed the main point of entrance and exit of your home. Made from solid wood, doors serve as the perfect choice for homes. An appealing solid wood door impresses visitors with its elegance. When it comes to types of doors, they are available in a wide variety. Even now they are available in a plethora of colors that you can match with existing décor. Doors are known for introducing natural warmth and add style to your home if used in traditional ways.

Why to Pick Wooden Doors?

Wooden doors seem an ideal choice for protecting your home. If you feel like, you may replace exterior metal doors with wood doors for revamping your entire home. Wooden doors seem appealing and look great while viewing from outside. Solid wood doors can also serve as the single acting doors that are hinged on one side and open in one direction only.
wood panel doors

Options to Look For!

You can always choose the types of doors that suit your taste. Most of the available doors can also be customized. For instance, if you require a panel door, consisting of wood panels, rail panels or stiles, go for a solid wood panel door or plywood panel door. If you don’t find the doors you want, always take counsel of the trusted door manufacturers for your needs. Besides panel doors, solid wood frames, stable doors, trap doors can also be availed on customization.
Your selection of solid wood door depends on your personal style, the residential area, the structure and existing décor of your home. Always buy the solid wooden doors from a reputed manufacturer so as to ensure the quality.
wood panel doors

Points to Consider Before You Buy!

  • Once you have installed your doors, you should ensure that these doors remind guarded against damage. It can be due to extreme weather conditions, excess humidity, high temperatures or heavy rain. Wooden doors can also get damaged through warping or crack or by termite attacks.
  • Another important thing to ensure is that it should complement the look of your home. Once the visitors come to your abode, they sense your style statement.
  • Ensure to maintain and take care of your doors. It will enable them to last for a longer time. However, the sophisticated construction methods make these wooden panel doors less susceptible to damage from the outside elements and maintain their visual charm.
  • It is important to have your solid wood door primed first and then get it painted or stained to better guard it against weather. It helps you avoid incurring high maintenance charges later on.
  • Now it is possible to get the personalized look of your solid wood door by adding a window, transom, sidelights or glass insets. Doors with a solid core tend to be more expensive than the hollow core wood doors.
If you are unable to afford these solid wood doors in every room, you can simply start out by fitting them in the areas like bedroom and bathroom. It will be an affordable makeover for your home.