Thursday 3 March 2016

How to Boost Productivity in the Workplace Environment

Whenever you are sitting in an office and are working on a challenging project, the environment and surroundings also affect the mood. The creativity comes out in a good workplace environment and enhances the productivity.

Spruce up your office with these strategies to enhance your productivity and overall well-being.


Add colours that promote productivity and positivity:

Various studies have been conducted to study the human behaviour under different circumstances for example, in a room with torn out furniture and dull colours, and in a room with modern office furniture and good colours. The researchers concluded that people working in modern office furniture and surrounded by good colours were happy, healthy, and more productive.

Therefore, every organization should focus on implementing modern furniture that motivates the employees and retains them for as long as possible. Also, if you often feel anxious in the office premises, then colour the office walls in a nice colour, for example, blue or green for maximum comfort and productivity.

Open up your space with simple design hacks:

The office infrastructure, if crowded, can make the employees feel anxious and stressful. It will directly affect the performance and the overall outcome. Here are some easy tips for making your small work-space feel much more open:
  • In order to make the office less crowded, use bright colours, high ceilings, and have mirrors on the walls.
  • Including plants and decorative pieces like pillars and other types of furniture also distracts the employee from feeling crowded.
  • By installing windows and mirrors and decorating thoughtfully, you can turn a tiny room into a spacious sanctuary.

Go nature:

It has been proved via so many researches that if you give employees access to nature, then it lowers the stress and anger behaviour and improves the cognitive functioning and mood. In some cases, it has also shown a very speedy recovery from surgeries.
As it is not possible to allow the employees to walk outside the office in a park and then restore the cognitive functions. Then people should think of planting small plants and trees inside the infrastructure. It is also very useful in increasing attention and reducing fatigue.
Another way of reducing stress in office is to renovate the interior using furniture made of cork, bamboo, or and enhance the accents using flowers and beeswax candles. 

Implement an ergonomics program:

Have you ever thought how many employees get up from the chair and do stretching and other? Imagine how it would affect the employee’s health if they keep sitting all the day in the same posture. It has also been proven by studies that sitting all day in an office contributes to musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and upper extremities, and ergonomic workstations actually help alleviate the resulting musculoskeletal pain.

Therefore, modern office furniture should include adjustable furniture that can take the form of a standing desk to change the posture.

Sustain a well-regulated environment:

The two of the most overlooked elements in of a workplace environment is the air quality and the temperature. If the room is having a temperature higher than normal, then it causes more fatigue as compared to the rooms with normal temperature. Also, more mental and physical efforts are needed to complete a task in a hotter room in comparison to a cooler room. Therefore, to boost your performance and keep your energy up, adjust the thermostat in your room and keep your space comfortable and cool.
When it comes to the quality of air, the even-odd formula don’t work inside the premises as well as outside the premises. It leads to building sick building syndrome (SBS) in the employees who regularly work under an environment that is humid, and where there is no proper ventilation. It has been researched that the employees of such an enterprise are more likely to suffer from flu-like symptoms, stamina issues, pregnancy problems, and even cancer. Therefore, use an air filtration system in your office and install proper air conditioning devices.

Now it must be clear to all that why is it important to have a healthy workplace environment and modern office furniture?

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